My name is Yossi Schori. I'm 35 years old, from Israel.
My talent for painting was discovered already in elementry school.
I also started to learn to play the piano.
Later, I was accepted for art studies at "Telma Yallin" high school for arts.
The love for the animation art led me to take an introduction animation course
at "Cinematec Tel-Aviv".
I continued studying art at art school in Tel-Aviv for 5 years. I learned painting, drawing,
sculpture, offprint, video art, and on the last years of studies I was charmed by the graphic
world of computer and I worked on computer painting and animation.
My computer animation was exhibited in a computer art group exhibition at the gallery's
school. I continued to the fifth years as an excelent student, and simultaneously studies in
graphics courses in Tel-Aviv with sofwares: "Freehand" and "Photoshop".
I continued to study certificated art teaching for two years.
Later, I continued studying animation at "Camera Obscura", for 3 years.
This days, I teach retarded people a computer art.

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